Pisi GNU/Linux 2.2 “Crocus Anycyrensis”

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Pisi GNU/Linux

Pisi Linux is a GNU/Linux distribution evolved from last Pardus version based on Pisi the package management system. It is developed by the free software community for aiming to meet all computer users’ basic desktop needs.


- Pisi GNU/Linux 2.2 is an end user oriented Linux distribution.

- It is developed for users to experince Linux as freely as possible by using graphical interface.

- It is aimed to improve and develop inherited distribution and contribute to the free software world.

- Server or enterprise version of Pisi Linux is not considering for now.

- Pisi Linux supports just amd64 architecture for now.

- Master versions will be enumerated as 1, 2, 3 and so on. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and so on, refer to other releases.

- Pisi Linux offers up-to-date and stable versions.

- It carries out its work using free Internet services as much as possible.



Many packages used in Pisi Linux has been enhanced since then Pardus which was developed under TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Concil of Turkey). Pisi Linux community is still developing the packages that were put an end by Pardus switched to Debian base after 2013.



ÇOMAR (COnfiguration MAnageR) is a software that allows the settings such as hardware, boot, network, user, time, image, which are necessary for the system to work properly. It allows users to change these settings in a simple straightforward way in an authorization as well.



PiSi (Packages Installed Successfully as Intended) is a package management system written in Python. The package performs the functions of creating packages, installing / uninstalling, upgrading and so on by checking the required packages. It creates binary packages from source packages defined in XML and whose creation process is given by a Python script. And It can install or uninstall them according to dependent packages.



Package Manager is an application that can be used to easily install PiSi packages with the graphical interface. All packages can be easily installed / uninstalled or updated with one click by the package manager. Package Manager can also provide detailed information about each package, such as description, size, version.



YALI (Yet Another Linux Installer) is an installer software used by Pisi Linux. User’s operational system is set up smoothly where it should be by YALI.



Kaptan is a setup wizard that welcomes the user on the desktop at first boot after Pisi Linux installation. It helps user to personalize the desktop easly and provides certain configurations such as network connections etc.



It’s an boot process system of Pisi Linux. MÜDÜR aims to make, the system boot faster and, Pisi Linux to be more flexible and easy to use. MÜDÜR takes on some tasks from the moment kernal starts until the login screen appears. Those tasks are recognizing hardware and installing drivers, making network settings, starting-mounting & stopping file systems safely, stopping services while shutting down, etc.




Pisi Linux 1.0 Beta 1

Sueño (Rüya)


Pisi Linux 1.0 Beta 2

Sueño (Rüya)


Pisi Linux 1.0 Beta 3

Sueño (Rüya)


Pisi Linux 1.0 RC

İzmir 09.20.2013

Pisi Linux 1.0 RC2

Erdinç 03.18.2014
Pisi Linux 1.0   08.14.2014

Pisi Linux 1.1 (KDE)


Pisi Linux 2.0 Alfa 7 (KDE 5)

New Cat 01.25.2016
Pisi Linux 2.0 Alfa 7 (KDE 5) Minimal 01.31.2016

Pisi Linux 2.0

Atatürk 04.29.2018

Pisi Linux 2.1

Ata 11.23.2018

Pisi Linux 2.1.1

Felis Catus 02.28.2019

Pisi Linux 2.1.2

Mehmetçik 12.14.2019

Pisi Linux 2.2 Beta

Ankara Çiğdemi 04.24.2021
Pisi Linux 2.2 RC1 Ankara Çiğdemi 08.22.2021
Pisi Linux 2.2.1 Minimal 08.22.2021