Murat Özgün / Atölye / 15-10-2021

The Configuration:

- If you don’t have a Github account, creat one.

You can install “openssh” packages via termina or The Package Manager.

Select ---- Pisi icon (lower left corner) > System > Terminal then enter this line below.

sudo pisi it git openssh

git config --global "github_hesap_adınız"

git config --global "[email protected]"

git config --global credential.helper cache

git config --global credential.helper 'cache –timeout=3600'


- Create automatic password entry for data exchange via Terminal:


Ignore the password asked

Go to folder /home/YOUR USER NAME/.ssh/ and copy whole text

Connect your account.

Click your profile icon and choose settings

At the setting panel:

ssh and GPG Key

New ssh key

Name the pop-up window and paste the text you copied in Key section.


Using Git:

Fork the repository e.g. “main” and “pisilife-2” to your Github page.

Create a directory e.g. named “works”, best thing is to creat in user director. Then get in to the directory you created.

Hit F4 and launch the Terminal then clone forked repositories one by one (so you will be downloding them to local directory).

git clone [email protected]:USER NAME/main.git
git clone

[email protected]:USER NAME/pisilife-2.git

Use your own user name, name and clone it.

git config --global "github user name"

git config --global "your email"

Go to main directory and enter the line below;

git remote add upstream [email protected]:pisilinux/main.git

Then get in to “pisilife-2” folder and enter the line below;

git remote add upstream [email protected]:pisilinux/pisilife-2.git

Go to each folder one by one, enter the line below to receive changes in the Pisi Linux repository.

git pull upstream master

Configuration is done.

- Commit and Pullrequest (pr):

Do it below before every working;

git pull upstream master


Which local repository directory you worked in (main or pisilife-2), open terminal (via F4 short cut) and enter the line below

pisi ix -skip-signing


git add . or package_name

package taking in to branch.

git commit -m "Definition of your change in English"

git push origin master

Change goes to Github account.

Then, go to Github page and get in to releated repository.

Do “New Pull request”

If the system approves the comparison

Enter “commit” and press “Create Pull Request” button.


CONFIGURATION AND USING “GIT” is shared by Ali Cengiz Kurt.