How to Fix GRUB (Boot loader)

Murat Özgün / Nasıl Belgeleri / 18-10-2021

If GRUB is not running properly or the other operating system next to PiSi Linux is not visible, all you need is a USB flash drive on which Pisi Linux is installed. Boot your computer with Live PiSi Linux via USB flash drive.

- First you need internet connection

- Go to Package Manager (it’s under PiSi icon at lower left corner)


- Write "grub2-editor" in the search box

- Select "grub2-editor" then choose “Install Packages” option under the button lower right corner.

- Enter “live” when password is asked

- After installation is done, write “grub” in the search box at start menü (PiSi icon at lower left corner)

- GRUB2 will be seen. Select GRUB2 to launch it.



- Enter “live” when password is asked

- Choose “Advanced” tab


- Clik “Boot Loader Install / Rescue” button under “Advanced” tab

- Select directory in which PiSi Linux installed and hit apply button

- Reboot your computer, GRUB will come out, on which PiSi Linux and other operating systems will be listed. Do not forget to unplug the USB flash drive.

"How to Fix GRUB (Boot loader)" is shared by Hasan Hasanlı