Installing NVIDIA Driver

Murat Özgün / Hardware / 25-10-2021

This installation guide has not been prepared by an expert developer!

System Informations:
OS: Pisi Linux 2.1.2
Core: 4.19.56
No Integrated GPU
UEFI and Legacy were installed on the system.


1st STEP

- Update repositories

sudo pisi ur

- Update PiSi packages

sudo pisi up

Reboot the system

sudo reboot


2nd STEP

- Download the driver from Nvidia website = HERE =

- Enter your graphics card information in “manuel search”

- Check "Linux 64-bit" as system

- And hit search button

- Download the drive to Download folder in your PiSi Linux. So, the document path should be /home/USER NAME/Download


3rd STEP

- Launch terminal

Sudo su

cd /home/USER NAME/Download

chmod 771 DOCUMENT NAME (driver).run

e.g. chmod 771

We have given all users full authorization to use this file with this command.


Enter the line below

nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-nouveau.conf


Paste the lines below on the screen that comes up

blacklist nouveau

options nouveau modeset=0


- Hit "CTRL+X"

- Choose “Yes” when asked to save

- It will go next step to change the document name: Just hit “ENTER”.

It will be saved...


4th STEP

Enter the commend line below to Terminal

sudo pisi it dkms gcc make binutils glibc-devel kernel-module-headers



5th STEP

Launch Terminal

Get in to the directory in which you download the driver

sudo su

cd /home/USER NAME/Download

./Nvidia... (Write the name of the driver you download) e.g. ./

- Get in “NO” when asked if DKMS Module is installed

- Get in “YES” when ased if 32 Bit Repository is installed

- Get in “NO” when asked “Would you like to run the nvidia-xconfig...”



If the computer resulation is turns into the resulation which it shold be, your installation is completed successfully


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