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Welcome to Pisi GNU/Linux.

Pisi GNU/Linux is a user-focused GNU/Linux distribution developed by the Pisi community, aiming to provide ease of installation, configuration, and usage for computer users, meeting their basic desktop needs. It is based on the Pisi infrastructure and is dedicated to the principles of free software.

It utilizes the latest technology.

It incorporates the most recent stable versions of existing packages. It utilizes Turkish fully and accurately. By conducting spelling and grammar checks, it ensures that you use Turkish correctly, smoothly, and beautifully.

It installs quickly and easily.

The installation process is swift on many computers, sparing you time, and can be easily done through a graphical interface. After installation, all necessary programs such as office software, web browser, and chat program are also installed.

It is free.

It is free and open-source. You can access its code freely and make any changes you desire. There is no worry about viruses. You don’t have to bother with checking downloaded files from the internet.

Pisi Linux Features

With its fast and stable structure, and user-friendly interface, Pisi Linux feels like a part of the family. It’s the only distribution with genuine Turkish language support that you’ll love using and won’t be able to give up.

It is complete

After installing Pisi Linux, you’ll be greeted with a wide range of applications. One of the hundreds of packages available in the repository will surely meet your needs. Additionally, it easily recognizes your hardware.

It Loves Turkish

Pisi Linux ana dilimizi tamamıyla desteklemek için yoğun çaba gösterir. Depolardaki paketlerin Türkçe desteğine özen gösterir. Türkçe desteği vermeyen paketler için çeviri çalışmaları da yürütür.


With KAPTAN, which comes with KDE in Pisi Linux, you can customize your computer with countless combinations that go beyond the limits of your imagination. You dream, KAPTAN makes it happen.

It’s Easy

Using Pisi Linux is easier than you ever imagined! Don’t settle for what’s given to you; customize and enhance it as much as you can imagine, and use it effortlessly!

Fast and Easy Installation

Pisi Linux puts great effort into fully supporting our native language. It pays attention to Turkish support for packages in the repositories. It also conducts translation efforts for packages that do not provide Turkish support.

It Doesn’t Allow Viruses

Are you troubled by viruses? Pisi GNU/Linux, powered by its Linux infrastructure, never allows viruses to disrupt the system.